Over the last 24 years that we have been gathering together our church has met and shared with many beautiful people. Many of those treasured personalities have since decided to return home to become one of our continued friends in spirit.

This page is dedicated to those friends… remembered by their family and friends still experiencing life here in the physical realm.

Please take a moment to remember and rejoice, to relive and enjoy, the laughter, love and knowledge that each of these friends have expressed in the world and shared freely and unconditionally with each of us - whether we have met or are yet to meet - all our friends are special and a unique part of ourselves in this realm and the next.

This page is built with tears of love… May blessings, healing and prayers be with each soul…


Lyn Dennis
17/10/ 1943 – 23/6/2013              

Lyn was a tireless helper for this church & for many in the spiritual community. She was  a volunteer for local charities & was always ready to jump in and help when help was needed.

Lyn cared a great deal about her friends & family and would always be on hand when the chips were down. A lady with a kind heart, a beautiful soul & a light that she endeavoured to show to all those she met. If she could make someone else’s path a little lighter she would always help shoulder the burden they were carrying. With a wicked sense of humour she could always ‘turn that frown upside down’ and show others how to be positive and how to always strive to do your best for as long as this life would have you.

 A trooper through and through, Lyn’s smile lives on in our hearts.

With Love, your Family, Friends and all who love you.x


Deborah Elizabeth Maher
6th September 1960 – 9th May 2008


Though your ashes lay upon the ridge above our home,
I sense your spirit close by me in the valley here below.
I feel your gentle feathered touch upon my weary brow,
I hear you whisper tenderly, Dad I love you so.

The sun it still rises at the start of each new day,
And sets behind that rocky ridge where your ashes lay.
The daisies, they still open with the morning light,
And close again so softly at the coming of the night.
The birds they are still singing in the branches as they sway,
Will someone please tell those birds my girl has gone away.

Then in meditation I saw our Saviours’ light.
In the centre was my daughter bathed in the Saviours’ light.
I could see that she was happy, oh what joy and peace.
For that brilliant light, that holy light also shone on me.

Tonight I walk beneath the stars gazing at the Southern Cross,
Perhaps our Creator put it there to remind us of His loss.
Now I’m at peace, oh Blessed peace. I accept His will be done.
For I have lost my daughter,
Our Creator lost His son.

For you Deb, love you forever Dad...


Rosalind Stewart
11 April 1948 – 8 October 2005

Rosalind was a member of the congregation of The Spiritualist Church from it’s inception and played an active role in Church activities. As part of the Church Group she demonstrated clairvoyance, was a healer and on two occasions conducted the service when Mandy was demonstrating clairvoyance to lighten her load.

Rosalind had an artistic talent and penned this verse for a service she conducted in 2000:

Angels of the light come to me
Grant me health, strength and love
Enfold me in your healing arms
That I might experience true wholeness
Give me the strength to accomplish all I am able in this world
Guide me in your loving ways
Grant me health, strength and love


RMS May 2000