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August 2009:

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June 2008:

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 Looking Within


December 2006:

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 December 2006 Service Meditation

November 2006:

This piece was shared as the reading for the day, Ola Williams who wrote this piece, has worked for Spirit for many years. Giving service to many people, churches and all beloved animals on her pathway. This lady has been a great inspiration to myself on my pathway, a lady of great sincerity and love for all. Thankyou Ola, many blessings.

Trish Leonard read this beautifully, and it is here now for you to enjoy.


Out of the Dreams and Love far sighted,
Came this Church by Man from Spirit invited;
So open the doors, throw wide it's Portals,
And enter in both Spirit and Mortals;
Together to serve in Love and duty,
To create a home of Spiritual beauty;
Not dulled nor tarnished through the ages,
But ever brightened by Spiritual Sages.
The material efforts of one and all,
Had really answered the Master's call;
To build a place at Love's request,
Where weary souls may come and rest;
Surrounded by hosts from the Spirit realm,
And captained by God, who has the helm;
Welcome Friends, come through the door,
Find Peace and Love and guidance for sure.
A pathway outstretched before you waits,
That will lead you all, to the Heavenly gates;
To find survival of loved ones in Light;
Surrounded by beauty, of Spirit so bright;
So cast out all sorrow, and dull despair.
For your loved ones too, await you there;
Loving, so patient, they long to say,
We will meet you again in God's own way,
Just grow in strength, through loving service,
Have faith and trust, and be not nervous;
For the Father holds you in his Love.
So enter here in Peace and Praise,
And rest assured through your earthly days,
That so you think, so you are,
So make your thoughts like a lofty Star,
Shining high in a Spiritual sky;
For thoughts like you, never die,
So keep them pure, like a running stream,
Vibrating on a selfless beam.
And when at last Life's journey ends,
Freed from earthly ties the Spirit rends,
The veil apart and there transcends,
To the glories of Spirit that-never ends;
For man is eternal; as you will perceive,
To the realms of Spirit stretching everywhere,
And find your loved ones waiting there;
The Truth is now known, as you were told,
And all it's beauties and wonder unfold.
So Peace and Joy, become a surety;
For at last comes the Truth of all eternity.

(Received inspirationally By Ola Williams 22 March 1965 NZ)